Crash Imminent, 2009

Every one of my paintings is an attempt at communication. I am interested in the relationship between language and science and logic and emotion. I use text that I collect from everyday life to create a visual lexicon.

My work aims at investigating possibilities of communication by incorporating some elements taken from medical or scientific practices. I also employ the Braille alphabet, the Color Blind tests, American Sign Language and the Rorschach Test. Using these methods represents the paradox of communication. Tools meant to enhance the power of communication also limit the possibility based on the viewers' understanding. This limitation occurs not only between nations, ethnic groups and cultures but also between individuals who speak the same language. This is an infinite challenge in my work.

The act of filling my painting with dots which are units and cells charged with a special and personal meaning is a practice which is reflective of a Zen exercise. The work is a constant act of finding and losing, remembering and forgetting, asserting and denying, inventing and destroying, daily evoking life and death.